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The Benefits of Agency Automation

What if everyone at your agency had an extra hour each day; how much more could your team accomplish? Extending the 40-hour work week is theoretically one way to be more productive, but there is a better way. Agency automation tools can help your company do more in less time so that you can better serve your clients and grow your book of business.

Doing More with Download

Your agency may already use download via your agency management system. Instead of going to several insurer websites to access electronic policy information, data is delivered in ACORD®-compliant formats directly to your agency management system. According to a recent survey, download saves almost 60 minutes per employee, per day. For a four-person office, that’s 20 hours per week — the same as hiring a part-time employee.

Susan Labarre, director of commercial insurance agency automation for Liberty Mutual Insurance, states, “There are other benefits beyond just time savings. Download improves data accuracy because there’s less manual data entry and reduces errors and omissions by synchronizing your agency’s information with what an insurer has on file.”

Evolving Customer Service with Electronic Document Delivery

If your agency’s current workflow includes scanning and indexing paper files, ACORD electronic document delivery (eDocs) can help streamline this process. With eDocs, copies of policies, billing notices, and claims updates are delivered via your agency management system. And, no data is overwritten or replaced.

Notes Labarre, “Liberty Mutual was an early adopter of eDocs and it’s the fastest-growing form of download for us. Now, something that used to take days to deliver only takes minutes. Our agency partners value having important policy documents readily available at their fingertips.”

Electronic delivery also enhances customer service, enabling you to share information the way your clients prefer. And because eDocs provides near real-time access to critical information, you can also be more proactive. As soon as you receive an updated policy or a pending cancellation, you can quickly review it and follow up with that client.

Labarre states that while electronic record keeping is where the industry is headed, going completely paperless may not be the right solution for every agent (or client) all of the time. “In certain situations, having a hard-copy policy in hand is an important part of the service experience,” she says. “That’s why we give our agency partners a choice as to when they want to discontinue receiving paper copies of policies.”

More Time, More Opportunity

If your agency uses automation tools, the most valuable aspect is what they enable you and your agency to accomplish. Staff have more time to connect with clients, clients have a better service experience, and your agency garners a stronger reputation, which can lead to more opportunities and business.

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