Small Business Service Center

We’re here to provide your clients with outstanding service.

Meeting new prospects, learning about their needs, discussing the products you can offer — it’s all part of keeping your business moving forward. But it takes a lot of time and energy. Liberty Mutual can help, through our Small Business Service Center.


When you put our licensed, best-and-brightest small business professionals to work for your agency and your clients, you can count on:


We’ll use your agency’s name in all interactions with your prospects and clients.

Business Made Easy

You‘ll maintain your relationship with your local underwriter to help evaluate new business prospects that are the right fit for your agency and Liberty Mutual.


You select the accounts you want Liberty Mutual to handle, and we give you the flexibility to maintain the personal relationships you’ve worked hard to establish.

Superior Service

You can rest assured knowing that our professionals are providing your clients with the same kind of fast, efficient, and courteous service they would experience from your agency. We also provide extended business hours for your clients: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., with multilingual capabilities available.

Effective Delivery

We ensure timely and transparent communications with your clients, including certificates of insurance and auto ID cards and email responses within 24 hours, pre-renewal calls on accounts over $10,000, prompt quotes, follow-ups, and referrals back to you if a prospect doesn’t fit our appetite.

Sales Support

Our professionals are trained to address the insurance needs of small businesses, and can support your efforts to turn prospects into sales.

More than


of policyholders are satisfied with our Small Business Service Center. We’re continually improving our operation to attain even higher levels of satisfaction.*

*1,580 respondents from May 2014-March 2015