2020 Coffee Break Webinars Coming Soon!

Be on the lookout for new Coffee Breaks beginning in January 2020 - thank you for a successful 2019! Watch our past Coffee Breaks below!

  • Pay-As-You-Go Billing with Your Way Pay™*

    Pay-as-you-go is available for small WC policies issued in eCLIQ®! Review registration, payroll reporting process, how it benefits you and your clients, and resources to help you get started. *Your Way Pay not available: HI, OH, ND, WA, WY.

    Review Cyber Liability and Why It's an Important Coverage for Your Clients

    Learn about our Cyber Liability forms offered by our Business Owners Policy and core package products and find out why this is important coverage for your clients to help protect their business.

    Learn about our Faster Quoting Process for eCLIQ Simple BOP

    Our new eCLIQ Simple BOP can help your agency grow by offering a streamlined quoting experience and additional classes such as microbusiness markets. Not available in: AK, CA, FL, HI, KY, ME, MT, NH, NY, RI, VT, WA & WV

    Learn How eCLIQ® Can Help You Grow Your Business

    Learn and understand why you should use our online quoting platform, eCLIQ, and see how using it to quote business can help you save time, write more business more efficiently, and help your agency grow, all in one place.

    Write Apartments and Residential Condos with Liberty Mutual

    Learn how to successfully write habitational exposures with us. Review the available market opportunity, types of accounts we are looking to write, and resources for you and your clients.

    Agency Growth and Improved Retention Through Revenue Marketing

    Get expert advice on the many ways Liberty Mutual can help you market your business from workshops and online classes to new client welcome kits and newsletters.

    Get Your Submission to the Top of the Stack

    Learn the importance of a complete submission and how to overcome the barriers in gathering important and complete information for accurate quotes, with the goal of getting your submission to the top of the stack.

    Write Religious Organizations with Liberty Mutual

    Learn how to successfully write religious organizations with Liberty Mutual. We will review the available market opportunity, types of organizations we are looking to write, critical coverages, and resources for you and your clients.

    Builders' Risk - What's New for Flexibility and Peace of Mind

    Learn about system and product enhancements recently launched, including the introduction of our new Builders' Risk Extension Endorsement designed to provide comprehensive coverage on your builders' risk projects.

    Tools to Help You Write More Business

    See what resources are available to help you write new business with us. Our appetite guide, What We Are Writing Tool, and Helping You Succeed site can help you easily identify accounts where we can be mutually successful.

    Growing Workers Compensation with Liberty Mutual

    Learn about some new and exciting changes with Liberty Mutual's workers compensation offering in 2019, including classes we want to write, system improvements, and the benefits of Your Way Pay.

    Inland Marine - Beyond Builder's Risk

    Review our capabilities (more than just builder’s risk), products, services, and what we’re writing. Let us show you how working together can help you build your Inland Marine business while also meeting your clients' needs!

    Demystifying the Warehouse Legal Liability Form

    Explore Warehouse Legal Liability and learn and understand why it's important for your warehouse operators to have this coverage in place to protect themselves.

    Contractors Equipment – Beyond the Backhoe

    Learn about unique needs of various operations and how you can best protect your clients. We'll cover popular classes, our appetite, and recent successes.

    Exploring the Flexibility of the Scheduled Property Floater

    Learn how the Scheduled Property Floater can be used to cover property excluded from or limited within traditional property forms.

    Why Fine Arts Belongs on Inland Marine Forms

    From paintings and art glass, to sculptures and antique furniture, learn about fine arts and museum coverage to determine which form best fits your clients' needs.

    Deep Dive into Installation Floater

    Learn about the ways Installation Floater covers your sub-contractors and explore the advantages of the coverage form as it compares to the Builder's Risk form.

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