Earn cash rewards with Instant Incentives™

Instant Incentives rewards individual producers and CSRs* who quote and issue qualifying Liberty Mutual small business policies in eCLIQ® or eCLIQ Simple®. Already enrolled? Log in to check your rewards.

Get enrolled

There are just a few steps you’ll need to follow to start earning cash.

  1. Set up PayPal. When you earn through Instant Incentives, we deposit the cash into your PayPal account. If you don’t have one, check our how-to videos below for assistance.
  2. Enter your enrollment code on Instant Incentives. Your enrollment code is the same as your master agency code. If you don’t know yours, check with your territory manager.
  3. Click Enroll and provide the required information, including your PayPal email address.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Check your email for your unique cash code.

*Only licensed CSRs and producers are eligible to participate in Instant Incentives.

Start spinning and earn more

You’ll receive cash rewards when you issue eligible policies with your cash code. Here’s how to reap those rewards:

  1. Enter your unique cash code in the Cash Code/Reward Code field on the General Information page each time you quote in eCLIQ or eCLIQ Simple.
  2. Issue eligible policies.
  3. Log in to Instant Incentives and click Spin to see how much money you’ve earned.
  4. After you click Spin, your money is automatically transferred to your PayPal account. It’s that easy.

If you have any questions, send an email to InstantIncentives@LibertyMutual.com.

  • Set up PayPal
    Set up your PayPal account prior to enrolling, so you can receive your Instant Incentives rewards.
    Get your cash code
    Learn how to enroll in Instant Incentives and get your cash code, so you can start earning rewards.
    Spin for rewards and earn
    Find out how to earn rewards and spin after you’ve issued an eligible policy in eCLIQ with your cash code.
  • How do I know if my agency is eligible?

    All small commercial-appointed master and sub-code agencies are eligible to participate, unless the master principal opts out. If the master opts out, all sub-codes below that master are opted out as well.

    Cash code, enrollment code… is there a difference? And where do I get these?

    Yes, there’s a big difference. Your enrollment code is the same as your master code, and you’ll use it to register for your cash code. If you don’t know your master code, contact your territory manager.

    Your cash code will start with “MNY,” and it’s your key to getting paid. Enter your cash code into eCLIQ or eCLIQ Simple to earn spins, which can be used for cash rewards. Your cash code is unique to you, so make sure you don’t share it with anyone else.

    Can I share my cash code?

    No, cash codes cannot be shared. Each participant must have their own individual account and code.

    I forgot my username, password and/or cash code. What do I do?

    Don’t worry; we have you covered:

    • Go to Instant Incentives and click Forgot Cash Code or password?
    • Fill in your email or cash code and click Submit.
    • An email will be sent to your login email address with instructions on how to reset your password.

    Why am I getting an error message indicating my email address is already in use?

    If you have already used your email address to enroll in Safeco’s personal lines Instant Incentives program, you will need to use a different email address when enrolling for Instant Incentives for Liberty Mutual small commercial.

    You can still use the same PayPal account, but you will need to use a separate email to generate a new cash code.

    When do I get my reward?

    Depending on the campaign rules, you can spin for your reward as early as the next business day after you issue an eligible policy. Instant Incentives dollars are available in PayPal on the same day that you spin for your reward.

    How do I get my reward out of my PayPal account?

    Money from PayPal can be withdrawn via their website at any time. To withdraw funds, log into your PayPal account. You can choose to withdraw funds via a bank account, check or debit card.

    My rewards aren’t showing up in my PayPal account. What do I do?

    When you set up a PayPal account, you will be sent an email from PayPal after you register, asking you to confirm your email address. Until you complete this step, your Instant Incentives rewards will not appear in your PayPal account balance. PayPal returns the money to Liberty Mutual after 30 days, so be sure to complete this step as soon as possible.

    What if I forget to use my cash code?

    The system won’t know you’re part of the program without the cash code in the Cash Code/Reward Code field, and a reward will not be generated.

    Our agency wants to just use one Instant Incentives account and share our reward money. Can we do that?

    No, the Instant Incentives program is intended to reward on an individual basis, and each licensed agency employee participating must sign up for and use their own separate account. The individual licensed agency employee is responsible for the entire balance of their Instant Incentives account and for any taxes that may result from that balance.

    Is this income tracked for tax reporting purposes?

    Yes, we do collect information for reporting income via a 1099. We ask for this information at enrollment. If you do not supply it, we’ll temporarily freeze your account when you spin for your first incentive. A 1099 will be sent to you from PayPal only if your annual earnings exceed $20,000. Consult with your tax services provider for more detailed information.