Show us what you know about custom target markets!

What are Liberty Mutual’s custom target markets?

6 profitable business segments in the $250,000-$500,000 premium range On the right track. Keep at it.
12 profitable business segments in the $25,000 - $250,000 premium range Bingo!
24 profitable business segments in the $25,000-$50,000 premium range Fewer segments, wider range. Try again.
Businesses that sell customized dart boards Um, slightly off the mark.

What four major industry groups comprise the custom target markets?

Agriculture, Hospitality, Retail, Services Sorry. Those aren’t the four.
Education, Entertainment, Finance, Technology Guess again.
Construction, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Wholesale Winner winner chicken dinner!
Healthcare, Medical Offices, Restaurants, Transportation Not quite. Give it another go.

Which of the following segments is NOT part of the manufacturing industry group?

Chemicals/petroleum Nicely done!
Fabricated metals Hint: “Fabricated” kind of means “manufactured.”
Industrial equipment Manufacturing includes industrial equipment.
Plastic/rubber goods Nope. Take another stab.

How many class codes do the 12 custom target markets include?

12 Not even close!
99 Close, but no cigar.
128 Great job!
525 Try a smaller number.

What are the benefits of writing custom target markets?

Expert custom underwriters Our expert underwriters are ONE of the benefits.
Quick turnaround times There’s more to it than that.
Profitable way you could grow your book True, but that’s not all!
All of these That’s right!

How does writing custom target markets benefit your clients?

Access to professional safety consultants in our Risk Control Consulting Center True, but there’s more.
Extensive safety resources through Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™ They’ll get more than that!
24/7 account management with Yes, but not just that.
All of these Hip hip hooray!

Well done!

Now that you’ve mastered custom target markets, reach out to your custom underwriter to get started writing these accounts.
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