Test Your Knowledge: Are You a Workers Comp Whiz?

What year did Liberty Mutual begin writing workers compensation coverage?

1917 Wow, you know your stuff.
1950 Nope, guess again.
1976 Sorry, take another shot.
2001 Whoops! Make another guess.

What’s the leading cause of workplace injuries, according to Liberty Mutual claims data?

Repetitive stress or strain Guess again.
Roadway incidents with other vehicles Nope. Try another.
Falls You’re getting warmer.
Lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying Yes. Pure genius!

How much faster does Liberty Mutual close its workers compensation claims than our competitors?

0% Guess again.
5% Nope. Try another.
20% Bingo!
65% No, but we’re working towards that!

Which of these industries is Liberty Mutual primed and ready to handle workers compensation for?

Construction True, but we’re up for more!
Manufacturing That’s not all! Keep guessing.
Services Partially correct – think bigger!
All of these Bravo! We’re all in!

How can workers compensation policyholders improve cash flow, skip down payments, and reduce audit exposure?

Your Way Pay™ pay-as-you-go billing Yes! Encourage your clients to participate.
Jot payment due dates on a calendar That solves part of the issue, guess again
Assign an employee to check payroll Not very efficient, take another shot
Buy lottery tickets Creative, but not the best odds

Which carrier best provides the local resources, comprehensive coverage and superior services your clients expect?

Liberty Mutual Nailed it.
Liberty Mutual Hey, you know your stuff!
Liberty Mutual Right. Well played.
Liberty Mutual Right-o. Do you sense a pattern here?

Well played

Now that you’re a master of Liberty Mutual workers compensation knowledge, let us put that expertise to work for you!