Cyber Coverage for BOPs

In a world more connected than ever before, the importance of offering cyber liability coverage is greater than ever. Fortunately, presenting a quote doesn’t have to be difficult. eCLIQ® includes two optional BOP policy endorsements: data compromise, which provides 1st party coverage for associated costs & expenses incurred when an insured suffers a data breach of personally identifiable information stored in their care, custody or control and CyberOne, which provides 3rd party coverage for defense & liability for suits or damages because of the associated data breach of personal information. Learn more about the coverage available and discuss these possible solutions for the ever-present cyber threat with your clients.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability Coverage

Provide your professional service clients with more protection with our new Miscellaneous Professional Liability endorsement available through eCLIQ® for CPSP, CBP, and general liability policies. Learn more about where and when this coverage is available.

Automatic Payment Option Using Credit/Debit Card

Now, in addition to the electronic funds transfer automatic payment option, we offer automatic payments option via credit/debit card. This option is available for billing accounts with a total annual premium less than $25,000 at time of enrollment. Policyholders, or agents on behalf of their policyholders, may enroll in this option at new business or any time during the policy period. Paperless billing is required when this payment option is selected. Learn more about this payment option.

Agents’ Portal Reference Guide

See how easy it is to manage your portfolio 24/7, with automated tasks, and online tools and resources. The Agents’ Portal is your one-stop shop to access eCLIQ®, update policy deliver settings and access new business and product resources.  Learn more about all that’s available online with this reference guide.

Commercial Auto Conversations

The need to increase auto rates is an industry-wide challenge, but explaining that to your clients can be even more challenging. Now you can cobrand and order this printed brochure to help explain “What’s Driving Losses?” And, although rising rates may be out of their control, your clients CAN work to improve their safety and driving records by incorporating some of the risk control techniques recommended within the brochure.

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